Day 12 Date Night

March 8, 2006

I’ve got one word for the dating scene…exhausting. After getting a very uncomfortabel “birds and bees” talk from my gyno, I thought I was prepared for getting back out on the market. It’s tough. I met a cutie on Day 8 whom drunk girl thought it’d be a good idea to make out with at a very populated bar. Did I say he was a hottie? Sober girl was mortified the next morning and vowed to control herself from now on. Even sober girl has lost her mine dating two men simultaneously. I’m not proud of myself but I figure I’m not doing anything men don’t do so I’m just going to date like a man and be sure to have a spare tire available for emergencies.

Day 12 was quite a busy one on Stella’s phone. I bowled with friends that afternoon while making plans with the hottie and the musician my friend thinks could be a good match. The hottie invites me to his sister’s house that evening; the musician invites me for an outdoor brunch and hike for Day 17. Meeting the family on the first night?!! She’s the younger sister so I figured it be okay. Did I mention he’s also a hottie? The funniest part of the evening was when my roommate’s husband saw me put scissors in my purse for protection. He was sincerely frightened for me and even called to check in later. But what about this for coincidental? The hottie’s birthday…the same EXACT day as the ex. At least I could never forget it but I’m done with Pisces men.


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